The 12 Most Inspiring Graphic Design Trends For 2022

As a starting spot and build a whole secondary color palette by adding some black or white. Muted colors have been slightly desaturated with black, white or a complementary color. As you can see these simple videos can help you repurpose a lot of content for different platforms and networks. I like how they get right to the point with this video, which is super important on social media. Instead of needing a whole production team to create a video, they can have a few people knock an idea out in a few days.

This mashup brings together the freedom and authenticity of 2D illustrations and the sense of realism in 3D illustrations. Expect to see these eccentric, fun, smiley icons all over social media. It’s easy to spot this trend because of their authentic, bold, and hand-drawn style. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create beautiful visuals. With its mixture of high-gloss multidimensional pastel highlights, holographic design is undoubtedly high-tech and futuristic.

Also, as brands proceed to fight for our attention, they must take bigger design risks. The hard angles of the font stand out against the flowing shapes and really grab your attention. Even when the background color changes, the content is still very easy to read. However, as more brands started embracing simple illustrations, the uniqueness and effectiveness of the graphics have kinda worn off. As first movers, these illustrations were great because your brand would be the only one using them.

We’ve already seen designers try to do away with traditional “models” in favor of real-life, authentic, and diverse people in illustration and stock photography. We anticipate that in 2022, it will go beyond just participating in the celebration. In 2022, designers are moving away from the classics and will use serifs. Unique translucent fonts will overlap opaque fonts, and bold and italics will be added. To try this trend for yourself, check out this minimalist business card that balances block color and white space. Or, bring colorful minimalism into your Pinterest boards with a modern feed template that combines text and imagery with spotlights of color.

In February 2021, Swarovski announced a rebrand that included a shift from square boxes to octagonal boxes with a pastel color scheme. Teachers of Bauhaus believed in art as a method for social change, which may explain why the art style is experiencing a resurgence after a turbulent year. It’s likely that in the coming years, the popularity of using open-source programs to design will increase. The push to consider many different kinds of people affects more than the content of the design.

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3D designs aren’t brand new, but in the coming years, we will likely see a rise in the visual trend. Universal design as applied in graphic design considers those with visual differences like dyslexia and color blindness. The black lives matter movement brought focus to the lack of representation in the way people are depicted throughout the media, including illustration and graphic design. Despite the bright and simple motif that we expect colorful minimalism to bring to the industry in the coming years, maximalism is making its mark at the other end of the spectrum.

Otherwise, you’re stuck with a pretty boring single-colored background. The designers at eBay have used the color upgrade to unify millions Web Design Trends of products across their site. In their rebrand, eBay also decided to add a ton of new colors, while keeping their recognizable logo.

graphic design trends 2022

Bold and handwritten fonts are going to stand out against the simple or overused fonts that your competitors are using. And they will help your content jump off the screen on social media–whether it’s infographics for your blog, Facebook ads, or motivational quotes on your social media. That’s because no other brand is going to be able to exactly replicate these visuals. Competitors can copy your color scheme, your social media strategy and the stock photos you use. Gradients are one of my favorite things to add to any design project to give it a little more depth.

In case you need a recap, the technique is similar to digital screen printing. This unpredictability makes the Riso art challenging and adventurous as even if you plan your layers to perfection, you will still get something unique and unexpected. Pastel colors are still our favorite, but if you really want to make a bold statement and spread even more positivity, candy color schemes are a good choice. We’re going to see more of these transparent matters that complement the holographic and 3D trends, realistic frost glass backgrounds, and more.

Thankfully, the well-established traditional look of serif fonts was transformed into the all-mighty one, which allows being weird, futuristic, romantic or blunt. Amid the modern graphic design trends, this one carves out the look of web and graphic design, like it did with Windows 11 and has been an accepted part of the iOS design language. Glass will be encountered more often, which means eventually it’ll get more diverse. Instead, I wanted to point out that the biggest brands in the world of tech are embracing this dual-colored app design trend. So it’s pretty easy to see the graphic design world wholeheartedly adopting it this year.

The Biggest Trends In Graphic Design For 2022, As Predicted By Leading Creatives

The image will be the first thing the readers are going to see on social media, and maybe then they’ll read the text. If we want to compare the two rebrands, I think that eBay would win. That isn’t because I was not impressed by Dropbox’s efforts, I just think that it fits eBay’s core business and products better. I mean, if you can’t take the time to create or find a better stock image, why should I take my time to read it?

graphic design trends 2022

Authentic images are like a signature you put in your design which helps the user feel more connected to what they see on the screen. To get the most out of the risograph style, use it with a gradient background. The right images can lay a big role in maximizing attention, and a key consideration in this respect is what’s trending, and how that relates to your content. It’s needless to say that we will probably see these approaches to be pretty popular among established luxury brands in the near future (if they haven’t taken advantage of it already). Well, if last year was gold, this year is all about glass and crystals. Coupled with the realistic capabilities of 3D technology, this trend manages to push the boundaries of design and puts graphic design in a whole other league.

Flat Design

Many people have interpreted that as using only muted and neutral color palettes. Especially after the main tech giants used it for about a decade in their marketing. But this year the bold font will become the main focal point in a lot of graphics. Especially if your graphic only has a few seconds to grab the reader’s attention.

But the simple and memorable illustrations are in keeping with traditional minimalism. Striking examples of graphic design, tips on breaking design process bottlenecks, and opportunities to engage with a wonderfully creative community are all included. This means that graphic design has to adapt to the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging. More designers are finding themselves creating graphics meant for zero-waste packaging. Pandemic-related stay-at-home orders resulted in 2021’s nature-inspired design trend.

Geometric Fueled Designs

It looks incredible not only in packaging and print but also in animation, typography, and web design. If you’re interested in trying out the Riso style in Photoshop for your design but you’re not sure where to start, let us know in the comments. Last year, the gold design was a huge trend mimicking realistic physical gold and giving everyday items that extra special feel.

Here, it finds expression through stately serifs, muted colors and carefully placed design elements. This is a trend that wants to have it both ways—to balance stuffy adult sophistication with youthful city-dwelling hipness. It does not eschew traditional aesthetics for messy chaos (the way youthful movements like anti-design do), but it is much more of a culture-loving showoff than minimalism.

  • If there’s one thing that designers should avoid, it’s sameness.
  • Our senses are challenged by asymmetry, color clashes, bare interfaces, and busy patterns in this trend.
  • Think of your favorite social network icon, such as Instagram.
  • Then there is a need to check out the latest graphic design trends to be more hip and valuable.
  • You may also be interested in the best free fonts to use right now.

The last few years have been successful for movie remakes, TV series, and video games such as Blade Runner 2049, Ghost in the Shell, and Cyberpunk 2077, among others. These types of projects launch a new visual wave of retro-futurism and cyberpunk. “With Panera’s ‘soup’ swimwear, Pizza Hut’s ‘tastewear’ and Carbone’s new fashion label, Our Lady of Rocco, restaurants can create a bomber jacket and sell it for over $500.” If, as we’ve mentioned, minimalism is on the wane, it stands to reason that its opposite, maximalism, should be on the rise. And Clara Mulligan, head of design at Anomaly London, confirms it.

Of The Biggest Graphic Design Trends For 2022

I feel that a lot of stock photos have become too professional, polished and vague. In their quest to reach as many people as possible, these photographers choose a safe subject. As you have probably noticed many brands are creating some very creative designs to seem more genuine. Or to make them feel more authentic, instead of a faceless corporation.

That shows readers that the person who produced the content didn’t care enough about their work to find an impactful image. The graphs and charts are by far my favorite use of color gradients. It adds that little something extra and helps them stand out from the noise. This is a common way for sites to keep a simple background, and add a few flourishes.

Psychedelic Shapes And Fonts

I guess since we are technically living in the future that so many 80’s films predicted, it’s time for our designs to reflect that. All of this was achieved with a single bold font, and no supporting images. That said, you don’t have to avoid using an image, video, or graphic. Just make sure the rest of your page is easy to navigate and the image, like below, is actually optimized. Plus, you can find these great examples and millions of more stock photos for FREE on Venngage.

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This also means that the “natural” look is finding expression with more design elements than ever before. We continue to use earthy palettes and hand-drawn botanical illustrations instead of neon colors and parametric patterns. But following the maximalist collage trend, we are also including photographic elements such as images of real plants or dappled sunlight textures and vivid colors. We also use plenty of tropical resort-inspired interior design elements like white plaster walls and terrazzo flooring. The tendency to carry out the enthralling and amusing typographic compositions runs ahead of the other current graphic design trends.

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