There are many important historical events that are an excellent example of how history continues to influence our lives.

It was necessary to have access to a library card access. While reading diaries, articles, books and letters that are related to anything to do with the past We learn the reason why this was happening and that our present moment and the events that we experience today stem from history. Sometimes the books you’d been looking for were borrowed at other times; however you’d have to pay fees for late charges. There are many important historical events that are an excellent example of how history continues to influence our lives. To learn about the past today All you require is a computer with internet connection and the capacity to discern the real story in "fake reports." You have access to more historical information than ever before and you can leverage the past to help you to achieve success in the future.

The moment the Declaration of Independence, America made it a law to enjoy our independence. The past should not be something that is a mystery. What that experience has shaped the present day is that we’re not under the control of any other nation however, America is its own sovereign administration that is responsible for its law and the control of it is under the presidency of the United States.

When you study your own past to gain a better understanding of your mistakes and why you were attracted to them by yourself in the first instance. In the Westward Expansion in the 19th century, it transformed the West when people moved there. This will increase your awareness. As they traveled west, they had to hunt or trade and also grow food and provisions to remain alive. Increased awareness can stop yourself from making similar mistakes repeatedly and over, which means you don’t need spend taxes like the "dummy tax" more than once. When they went West they were confronted with numerous difficulties and their worlds were changing around them.

It is important not to turn your mistakes into habits Instead, you should develop a habit of reviewing your mistakes. However, we are still faced with many challenges and the world changes around us daily. Apart from get studying your own history Also, use your past as a source of inspiration by studying those who are in a situation you’d like to get into or who have information about the current situation that you’d like to acquire. Many of the most disastrous events of the past have led to more positive events which created America stronger. Choose one or two successful individuals, alive as well as dead, whose professions attract you.

It was the Great Depression, from 1929-1932 was widely regarded as among the most disastrous historical events of American history. Learn about how their lives unfolded. The economy crashed and a lot of people fell into poverty or lost work. By doing this you will take lessons from their lives as well. The recession of the Great Depression caused many businesses to close down, which resulted in less employment opportunities for those. The three mentors I consider to be my greatest influencers include three of my most influential mentors: Dr. However, after Franklin Delano Roosevelt became president He crafted a new deal to aid the economy recover, and worked.

Wayne Dyer, Teddy Roosevelt and Napoleon Hill. The new agreement helped make America stronger and better. Although I’ve not met the three, knowing their stories and work I’m able to discover the strategies and the principles which helped them achieve their success.

The evolution of history particularly in America is crucial to be aware of because , as time goes by, America will be shaped by historical events. I’m also able to stay clear of getting to the traps that they didearly in their lives, by increasing my awareness. If history was not taught, we’d make more errors every day. Today, thanks to the proliferation of laptops and smartphones accessing the past is now a breeze. These events can be relevant to our personal situations as well as current issues today in the world. The application of history to your own life is a more challenging process.

As a historian I learned from studying both primary and secondary literature that the incidents that occurred during the time frame often led to other events that altered the world, resulting in the world we see today. Emotion and ego: Facts to consider. The content of this article has not been examined or reviewed by Odyssey HQ and solely reflects the opinions and thoughts of the writer. One of the factors that limit people the least (and is one of my most favorite things to research) is the ego.

Sign up to our Newsletter. When you are aware of the needs for the ego like the desire to be correct, offended and superior, inferior or distinct, you’ll be able to more easily understand how individuals will respond in any given circumstance. Be Kind, Randomly be kind. Once you’ve mastered the defense mechanisms as well as the ways of the ego it’s much simpler to determine how you can connect emotionally with other people. The importance of random Acts of Kindness, and the necessity of addressing social Media concerning kindness. One of my favourite "ego tricks" that I have put into play is the ability to leave an agreement.

Random Acts of Kindness is not something that is new for many however it should be an issue that’s continually repeated to all. For many , their confidence is not strong enough to see the profit-making deal go from the table. This concept celebrates the goodness people can accomplish and the positive impact that people can have to make on the lives of others. This is why this is an essential technique to use in negotiations.

Small acts of kindness can be carried out in various forms and have the potential to affect a lot of people, be it through notes smiles, compliments and even by holding doors with many other options. There are whole businesses built on self-esteem! I’m not able to count the number of times award committees will email me to tell me that I’ve received some sort of award, and offer more trophies , or even longer features to earn more.

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